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How to make your rented workshop space your own

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2016 | Flexible Offices

Although a new rented workshop can look clean, professional and modern, if you fail to add your own touches here and there it can look slightly cold and characterless. So, what can you do to make your rented workshop space feel more like your own?


An obvious place to start is external signage, if permitted. Not only can a nice big sign look smart (and first impressions count), but obviously, it also serves a logistic purpose in enabling suppliers, customers and others to find your workshop more easily when visiting for the first time.

There is a range of signage options available. You could also consider adding directional arrows to your signage so that visitors can find you more easily.


If your rented workshop includes an office or reception, there is even more opportunity to add some personality to it.

If the terms of your lease agreement means you can’t make your own choices when it comes to covering walls with paint or wallpaper, you can certainly add your own imagery.

Large, high-quality photographs, paintings or illustrations relating to your business, sector or location can look really impressive. Large wall murals have become much more popular, providing a striking focal point if you pick the right image. Don’t forget to hang up any awards certificates you, your staff or business has earned or won, as well as any articles about your business that have appeared in the press (nicely framed, of course).

You should encourage your employees to personalise their own immediate workspace, perhaps with photographs of their loved ones. This is believed to provide additional comfort and enables people to cope with the stresses of work.


Your choice of furniture and soft furnishings provide an opportunity to add some colour. Echoing your brand colours in your choices can add a nice professional touch.

Budget permitting, your choice of office desks, chairs, storage cabinets, shelves, bookcases, lamps and lights, etc, doesn’t have to be boring. Adding office plants can not only make the environment more pleasant, but it is also believed to boost morale and productivity.

If you’re expecting to welcome reasonably large volumes of customers, then putting a TV on the wall can help to make their waiting time less arduous. Having freshly topped-up jars or sweets or bowls of free fruit can also add a more personal welcoming touch.

Home comforts

Many of us like to listen to music while working. And providing it doesn’t interfere with work, some workshops have sound systems so staff can listen to the radio while working. A cheaper solution, of course, is to invest in a decent portable digital radio, positioned so everyone who wants to listen can. Some businesses now have wall-mounted TVs in reception areas, as well as complimentary drinks machines.

Your staff kitchen offers another opportunity to personalise your working environment. Invest in a good coffee machine, kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge, mugs, plates, etc and (if possible) create a comfortable personalised space where you and your employees can enjoy lunch. Having some home comforts in the workplace is reported to better motivate staff, because they feel more appreciated.