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How to make your new business look more established

Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 | Flexible Offices

Being a newer business can be great. Because you’ve started up more recently, customers can be more interested in what you have to offer and think you’re more up to date – and possibly more in tune with current tastes, wants and needs.

And being a smaller business can provide many advantages. For example, small firms are often perceived to offer more personal (and for that reason better) customer experience and service. Some large organisations spend lots of money trying to emulate this.

However, some customers may prefer to buy from a bigger and more established supplier. Fortunately, there are things you can do to create that impression of your business.

Get the right business name

A business name can be a very powerful marketing weapon. The name you choose can say so much about your business. Some business names can make you sound very small. There’s nothing wrong with being a sole trader or micro business, of course, but having a name that suggests you’re bigger can reassure some potential customers. There are rules when choosing business names, for example, you cannot use the word limited if you are not a limited company. And if your current business name isn’t right, you can change it.

Create a winning brand

Many start-ups and small businesses have better brands than some larger companies. A brand is so much more than your name, logo, typeface, colours or slogan, it’s what you stand for and – crucially – how customers feel during and after coming into contact with your business. How you handle customer enquiries, for example, affects perceptions of your brand. Having an ultra professional brand can make your small business seem bigger and more established. And creating your own winning brand doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Have a superb website

When making choices as buyers, many of us now check out new businesses online, even if we’re not buying online. Just because yours is a newer or smaller business doesn’t mean you can’t have a superb website. Again, creating your own business website doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only should your website look good, but it should also be simple to navigate, with visitors quickly able to find the information, products and services they need. If you sell online, the customer journey to should be quick and easy.

Get an office or virtual office

There are an estimated 2.9m home-based businesses in the UK and running your new business from home (if possible) can help to minimise your start-up costs. But having your business calls answered by those you live with might not create the best impression. Getting your own office provides many benefits, including helping to make you look like a bigger, more established and successful business, which can help you to win and retain customers.

If your budget is more limited, using a virtual office can provide a cost-effective solution. Although you can still save money by running your business from your home, using a virtual office creates the impression that you operate from professional offices, possibly in a more prestigious address where your business correspondence can also be sent. You can get a local phone number, too, and have professional receptionists answer your calls.

While being a start-up is exciting and being a small business offers many advantages, having other believe yours is a bigger and more established enterprise can also be very good for business.

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