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Prime Minister visits Rural Enterprise Centre Hereford

The Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Rural Enterprise Centre Hereford last week alongside Economic Development Officer for Herefordshire Council, Paul Bradley-Lloyd.

At the centre on Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Mr Cameron was introduced to Evans Easyspace centre manager Julie Taylor and client Frank Bowen who runs Forced Development Services Ltd (pictured).

Julie Taylor said: “The Prime Minister was very interested in the small and medium sized enterprises that operate from the centre and the opportunities they have for growth.  I explained to him that we have units of varying sizes on site so if a start-up company moves into a 2 person office initially, they can upsize to a 4 person or 6 person office as and when their business dictates.  This also works in reverse if the company is struggling.

“Forced Development Services is one such business who has increased their workspace more than ten-fold since moving in almost 18 months ago.  It is exactly this type of business that Evans Easyspace is designed to support, offering maximum flexibility to developing enterprises not just in times of success but also hardship.”

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