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Staff suffer real life David Brents

TV's 'boss from Hell' David Brent is alive and well and working in offices near you… or even WITH you!

More than a third of British staff say their managers are misbehaved - with as many as one in 10 saying they have a real-life Brent giving them orders, according to a new survey.

They say their bosses display the inappropriate Brent-like behaviours portrayed by Ricky Gervais in smash-hit BBC comedy The Office which are annoying, frustrating and offensive.

The research comes from an Institute of Commercial Management independent survey of more than 1,000 workers. It was commissioned by management consultancy Inspiring Business Performance (IBP).

It finds that 35% of us share office space with bosses who behave badly, with 11% finding them 'bad' or 'despicable'.

A total of 12% say their boss has displayed unbecoming conduct in the past year. This includes bullying, lying, using bad language and divulging staff secrets.

The IBP finds that bad managers are having a negative impact in workplaces on both profitability and staff retention.

Nearly one in seven look for another job and a further 4% quit without a new post to go to, while 10% deliberately disrupt the workplace and 8% take 'sickies' because of badly behaved managers.

The survey finds that men are more likely to joke about and be a disruptive influence than women.

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