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Land for Rent

Evans Easyspace have land available to rent in a number of locations

If you need an open space but don't own any land you may think that buying land is the only option. However, if you are only going to need the land for a certain amount of time then searching for land to let may be the best option for you. You can do a land search with us and after you have selected the best place for your open space, get in touch for more details and pricing.

If you decide to rent land, you have the flexibility of using it for the period required until the land lease is up as opposed to you purchasing the land where you will have to go through a sales process once you have finished. This means that searching with land agents such as Evans Easyspace for land to rent is a simpler, more hassle-free approach.

Why rent land?

There are many uses for open land. Whether you need somewhere to keep your animals, host a temporary market or fair or even cars the land rental prices make it a more appealling option than buying.

To rent land from Evans Easyspace, select your preferred location and contact the centre manager directly. Alternatively, you can call our enquiries team on 0800 039 3900.

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